COVID-19 Office Policies

Covid-19 Office Policies UPDATED 04/02/20

New Eyewear and Contact Lens Pick-up Procedures:

  • When your prescription eyewear or contact lenses are ready to pick-up, you will receive a phone call and you will be asked to schedule a pick-up appointment. (You can also have your purchase shipped to you for $9.00) Eyewear pickups can also be scheduled by appointment only by calling the office at (816) 523-8421
  • In anticipation of your appointment, we will perform a standard 3-point alignment on your eyeglass frames so that they are secure for daily wear.
  • The eyewear is extensively sanitized and packed into a paper shopping bag with eyeglass cleaning supplies to be used at home.
  • When you arrive at Littlefield, please park near the back door and call the office to let us know you are here for your eyewear/contact lens pick-up appointment. Stay in your car. An optician or technician will place the bag near the back door and go back inside the office. You can then retrieve your purchase.

Please note that we are not doing “hands-on” eyewear adjustments at this time. Your new eyewear will fit well, but we are not able to do fully customized frame adjustments until CDC regulations are lifted and we are able to re-open the office to the public.

If you need to purchase contact lenses, please CLICK HERE

If you purchase 2 or more boxes of contact lenses, you are eligible for FREE SHIPPING.

If you are out of contact lenses or your contact lens is about to expire, please contact the office to discuss your options during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Eyewear Adjustments: At this time we are not performing extensive frame adjustments on patients. The goal is to keep our patients and our staff safe. Thank you for your consideration during this time.

Our doors are now unlocked, and masks are required in the office.