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Before Your Visit

Please bring the following items, if available, to your appointment:

  • Insurance cards (Vision and Medical) or Social Security number
  • Current eyeglasses
  • Current Prescription (New Patients Only)

If you’d like to fill out paperwork ahead of time, click here to print a copy of our Patient History Form.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment by phone, call our front desk at 816-523-8421. To request an appointment via email, click here to send a message to our receptionist. Please include your name, phone number, insurance provider, doctor preference (if any), and your desired appointment time and date. We will respond as soon as possible with a time that will work for you.

Your Examination

We strive to provide a full, comprehensive eye examination. Each examination includes a measurement of:

  • Visual Acuity (how well you currently see)
  • Cover Test (how well your eyes align)
  • Visual Field (peripheral vision)
  • Color Vision
  • Stereopsis (depth perception)
  • Intraocular Pressure
  • Refraction (measuring your prescription)
  • External Eye Health
  • Internal Eye Health

Additional Testing

Sometimes, further testing is needed beyond a routine eye examination. We strive to keep up- to-date with the latest technology, and offer several additional tests that may be administered, if needed. These include:

  • Optomap® Retinal Imaging System – The Optomap® is a wide-field retinal camera that offers us an excellent view without needing to dilate the eyes. In most cases, this is acceptable as an alternative to dilation.
  • OCT – Optical Coherence Tomagraphy – takes a three dimensional look at the retina and optic nerve, helpful in diagnosing glaucoma and retinal disorders.
  • Visual Field – New technology Visual Field test, which evaluates peripheral and central vision
  • Corneal Pachymeter – evaluates the thickness of the cornea, which can be helpful in diagnosing glaucoma.
  • Ocular Surface Disease testing – This is one of the most rapidly growing conditions, manifesting with signs of dryness, burning, and watering throughout the day. We are able to assess the tear quality, see if any damage has been done to the surface of the eye, and then start treatment based on those findings.

Allergan TrueTear

Littlefield Eye Associates is now offering True Tear as a option for dry eye treatment.


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Our doors are now unlocked, and masks are required in the office.